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Owner Valerie Burdette

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  1. Number observed: 93

    Details: Hellcat Dike (23) 11:15 am, 23. Lot 3 area, around sunset, 70.

  2. Number observed: 2

    Details: Lot 3 area (probably same ones on morning checklist from Salt Pannes)

  3. Mallard (Domestic type)

    Number observed: 1

    Details: Forward Bird Blind 1

  4. Number observed: 7

    Details: Sub-headquarters/warden's (7).

  5. Number observed: 5

    Details: Forward Bird Blind 5

  6. Number observed: 25

    Details: Forward Bird Blind 17, small flock Lot 7/Emerson Rocks (in flight and landing near the rocks) 8

  7. Number observed: 50

    Details: At least. Lot 7/Emerson Rocks.

  8. Number observed: 4

    Details: Lot 5

  9. Number observed: 5

    Details: Forward Bird Blind

  10. Common/Red-breasted Merganser

    Number observed: 6

    Details: At least, possibly more.

  11. duck sp.

    Number observed: 53

    Details: From Hellcat Dike, ducks too distant to id even with scope (very far end of Forward Pool by Pines)--14 which could have been black ducks, 5 smaller ducks. From Sub-headquarters/warden's (4): ducks in flight, impression A black duck but unsure. Lot 5, 30 ducks too far away to id.

  12. Number observed: 70

    Details: Estimate, with dunlin, Lot 5.

  13. Number observed: 23

    Details: Emerson Rocks, lot 7: 3 dunlin, actively feeding among rocks and in small pools of water there. Lot 5, estimate, with sanderlings.

  14. shorebird sp.

    Number observed: 10

    Details: Sub-headquarters/warden's (10)--resting high on mud bank above pool (mid tide, 1:10 pm).

  15. Number observed: 5

    Details: Lot 7/Emerson Rocks, at least 1. Hellcat 1. Lot 5, at least 3.

  16. Number observed: 6

    Details: Sub-headquarters/warden's (1). Lot 5 (5+).

  17. gull sp.

    Number observed: 56

    Details: Various. Many at lot 5 and lot 7/Emerson Rocks

  18. Number observed: 1

    Details: Lot 7/Emerson Rocks

  19. Number observed: 14

    Details: Lot 7/Emerson Rocks flock of 13 in flight, Forward Bird Blind 1

  20. Number observed: 1

    Details: From Hellcat parking lot, flyover.

  21. Number observed: 2

    Details: Heard (road between Hellcat lot and Dunes Loop).

  22. Number observed: 1

    Details: Heard (road between Hellcat lot and Dunes Loop).

  23. Number observed: 2

    Details: Warden's field. Croaking call, looked very large.

  24. Number observed: 14

    Details: Most at Hellcat trails, and road between Hellcat lot and Dunes Loop. Also 2 at Bird Blind.

  25. Number observed: 1
  26. Number observed: 1

    Details: Dunes Loop--seen twice, once flying across boardwalk and perching, then around the corner sitting right on the boardwalk. Seen from back only, but it was a warm reddish brown color, a little smaller than a robin, white eye ring.

  27. Number observed: 20

    Details: Hellcat parking lot and trails--most abundant on Dunes Loop.

  28. Number observed: 4

    Details: Heard, Hellcat Dunes Loop and Marsh Trail, Forward Bird Blind

  29. Number observed: 1

    Details: Hellcat (viewed from car as I was leaving the lot). Photo.

  30. Number observed: 1

    Details: Subheadquarters (warden's) near overlook bench

  31. Number observed: 1

    Details: Heard, Hellcat Dunes Loop

  32. Number observed: 2

    Details: Sub-headquarters/warden's.

  33. sparrow sp.

    Number observed: 2

    Details: 1 Hellcat Dike (flew across dike, no clear view). 1 warden's near buildings (no clear view).

  34. Number observed: 7

    Details: Hellcat Dunes Loop

  35. Number observed: 6

    Details: Hellcat parking lot and Dunes Loop

  36. passerine sp.

    Number observed: 2

    Details: Heard: likely either brown creepers or golden-crowned kinglets. Two heard, Hellcat Marsh Trail, just before new boardwalk begins.

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