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1301–1349 Purisima Creek Rd, Half Moon Bay US-CA (37.4056,-122.4082)

Owner Keith Gress

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Observed while cycling.

Fog, W 3-7 mph, 55F.

Submitted from eBird for iOS, version 1.9.18


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    Details: Juvenile.

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    Details: The robin-sized bird was perched on a utility wire on the North side of Purisima Creek Road. The location is one where I’ve historically found this species. It’s maybe a mile East of Hwy1 and at the slight left hand bend in the road where the utility lines cross over Purisima Creek Road from the South side to the North. Coastal fog and low light conditions had the bird as a silhouette when first spotted sitting on the wire. It has a blocky head and a stout hooked bill. As I rolled to a stop (on my bike - no photos today!), the bird dropped off the wire flying down directly in front of me providing an excellent look at the dorsal side. It landed in a coyote bush well off the South side of the road. The gray back contrasts with the black wings with white wing patches. The central tail is black and outer tail white. The black mask was also seen well as it passed over the road.

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