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Unnamed Road, Canyonville, Oregon, US (42.938, -123.292)

Owner Aaron Beerman

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    Given how late in the year it is for any passing Red-naped, that fact that it is retaining a lot golden colors, especially on the back; no red on nape, extenise barring on back, and white throat, I'm leaning the YB Sapsucker direction. The bird appeared fairly brown on the front and had very near zero red on the head leads me to believe that this an immature bird. I could be incorrect on the age, YB usually have a sort of dirty appearance however this birds lack of red and scarcity of "Black-crowned" points to immature, I think. There was some red color above the bill on front of crown but was extremely difficult to see. I have video which I will post. All the feedback that I have received from other birders from OBOL and privately have also indicated for YB sapsucker.

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