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With Sharon (finder!!) and Aaron looking at bar-tailed godwit.


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    Details: counted one by one from the godwit location- and not counting the flock north of Powell- appearing in big numbers early this year! Also got queried about this in san mato ebird. Is the current trigger number 100 for the moderators? I bet this trigger with be raised in November!

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    Details: Photographed by Sharon and Aaron. great find and ID by Sharon! Bird located on godwit/willet roost on breakwater about 150 yards west of police/fore station.(South side.)

    This is a high tide location only so time your visit to high tide as they spread out on the mudflats at low tide. If birders are well behaved, they can watch this bird from12 feet away if it stays.

    Noticeably smaller and greyer than adjacent marbled godwits. A bit of buff just behind the bill. What stood out to me was how the feathers are different than the marbled godwits - the typical wing feathers are dark grey core (no barring - solid grey) with a white outer fringe. The typical marbled godwit wing feather is different with alternating bands of buff and chestnut.

    Very cool.

    This bird was found by the Patagonia rest stop effect as Sharon came out to look at the redhead, previously reported at this location - not present today and found this very rare bird.

    Wow! A nemesis bird in the county finally seen after dipping on the others - and at my patch!

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    Details: counted one-by one looking for the bar tailed.

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