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OR—Josephine co.—Grants Pass--Trinity Way (42.4069,-123.3516) COHUxANHU

Owner Courtney Kelly Jett

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  3. Anna's/Costa's Hummingbird

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    Details: (Rare): cont. bird found by Rob and his wife.

    Recordings of vocals attached:

    184732791 (9:27am) has COHU chase calls at 1.53 and 2.23.

    184732861 (9:48am) has COHU singing Anna’s song from 2.28-2.40.

    184732911 (9:48am) has COHU singing Anna’s song from 0.37-50, then 2 chase calls, then song 3.18, song 3.28-37.

    Caleb and Courtney very sad to report that Costa’s male, is indeed a hybrid! (prob)

    This bird seen in real life confirmed to look like a male Costa’s in every respect except poss wings a little short? but tail also short and good; poss slightly more magenta in gorget color sometimes than pure Costa’s? but also poss purple color just fine and consistent with pure Costa’s. Small size and round and hunched silhouette all good for Costa’s, and also white white throat, and teal/bluegreen back, bluer than Anna’s, and lighter green flanks than Anna’s; and also doing call notes of Costa’s and not at all Anna’s. High pitch call notes matching recordings for Costa’s, (sounded to Courtney junco-like.)

    We watched it for 45-min. solid, convinced it is a Costa’s, this COHU almost always in yard seen or hearing it during this time, with stakeout perches it circles and returns to, very territorial against Anna’s HU coming to feeders,

    until finally, after those 45-min., we began hearing it sing! — and it sings an Anna’s song.

    We made recordings of it singing this song, as we watched it perched in its tree beside feeder, singing opening its bill along with as singing its Anna song, so we couldn’t any more hope that maybe we were just hearing another Anna’s singing hidden nearby. Sigh. Dang.
    But also good to learn!

    HUMMINGBIRDS OF NA book by Steve Howell does say that hybrids look like Costa’s but sound like Anna’s or in-between CO/AN.

    2 excellent birders have suggested that COHU can sing ANHU songs,
    but no sources online can be found to confirm that, and Howell and 2 online articles suggest otherwise.
    Nolan found no recordings of such on xeno canto.
    BNA says of COHU “In California, immature male gives song approaching complexity of male Anna's Hummingbird, but “fainter and less sustained”.”

    We recorded this COHU seen singing two 12-sec and one 9-sec long songs, full out as loud as ANHU.

    Prob this bird is hybrid unless other sources can be found.

    What is so interesting is, that this bird’s other vocals are all consistent with CO, only its song is AN.

    Courtney concludes that therefore, prob no records of Costa’s can be confirmed in Oregon unless accompanied by a Costa’s song ? which only males can do: so no non-singing birds or females can be confirmed as Costa’s in Oregon, even if their call notes match Costa’s.

    — Still, it is a lovely fall day in Josephine co., “and the hummingbird is beautiful regardless of what species it is”, (though cannot now be counted as Courtney’s Life Bird, or Caleb’s Oregon bird), and lovely sitting in a peaceful backyard garden with Buddhas and St. Frances and a gentle multicolored seashell windchime, and good idea of flower waterbath serving as sparrow feeder underneath hanging feeder, and sweet Hospitality of butterfly experts (thank you for apples and granola bar and offer to help teach us butterflies in June-July !), and good to explore a new county afterwards on a lovely day. Though too bad Caleb beginning flu, today ...

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    Breeding Code: F Flyover (Observed)
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    Details: ~ ho?

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    Details: new Yard bird for owners

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  21. passerine sp.

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