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Owner Drew Meyer

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    Details: Hunting in burn. Seen twice, once near beginning of checklist and once at end; presumed same individual. Large Accipiter with distinctive flight style; long tail; rounded wings; extremely bulky, heavyset, angular. Details of plumage not seen well (poor light) but distinctly brown on back and pale on front with streaking, consistent with juvenile Accipiter. Other large raptors (Buteo, ealges, owls, etc) eliminated by long tail and overall gestalt; COHA and SSHA eliminated by size and bulkiness. The bird approached closely and was seen very well (though mostly in silhouette); there really was never any question of its identity.

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    Details: In brushy area within burn; technically good stuctural habitat but seemed out of place in this mountain country.

  12. sparrow sp.

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