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Boggy Meadow Road

Owner David Pritchard

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  1. Number observed: 2

    Details: With Bob Zimmermann. Seen with binoculars through the windshield as we drove along Boggy Meadow Rd. Both birds stayed in front of us in the road for maybe 10 minutes, darting off into low bushes but returning to the road when we paused. Views were mostly from the rear. Back and tail appeared uniformly gray, no red, no contrast. Front views were more fleeting, but buffy spectacles and malar were visible. There was no tail flicking. // I've been asked for further details on this sighting. I tried but could not get a photo. Bob Z. is an experienced birder and he agreed that these were not hermits (as we first assumed) because we had good extended views of the back and tail and there was no reddish color; back and tail were both gray, on both birds. Buffy spectacle and malar were also visible, though front views were more limited (the birds were mostly hopping away from us in the road, or flitting briefly into the brush). So: 2 spot-breasted thrushes, with uniform gray upperparts and buffy faces, no tail flicking that we saw. We ruled out hermit and agreed they were Swainson's. (Bob had better views than I when they were facing us, and he ruled out gray-cheeked because of buffy face color, no conspicuous eye-ring, and less heavy spotting on upper breast).