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After hearing about this bird directly from the homeowners, they invited for us to visit and to investigate the possibility of sharing this bird more widely. After hearing from the homeowner that the bird was feeding in the front yard, Matt and I visited and found the bird to be conspicuous and easily seen from the street. The homeowners invited us to tell some other birders and share it more widely, and dozens were able to enjoy this bird in the ensuing days. Eventually, the bird's condition deteriorated and it was taken into care at Tufts. Many thanks to the local residence for welcoming so many birders to their neighborhood!

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    Details: **rare; immature molting in adult plumage; foraging right along street in neighborhood. We learned late last night about imm Purple Gallinule in front yard hedges at 124 and 118 Wood St., Milton, MA, present a week or so and still present today. Jeanie and Tom at 118 say it's ok for birders to visit...but let’s continue to make sure this is a totally positive experience for the homeowners and neighbors. Please use use this hotspot for eBird submissions. Best to park on Alvin Ave. nearby and view from opposite side of street, to give bird a little space, but it is super confiding... Many many thanks to Jeanie and Tom!

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