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Owner Eric Rasmussen

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Spotted this tern while driving to a friend's house. Pulled over for 20 minutes with scope, binoculars, and digiscope.


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    Details: Noted bird flying over water of gravel pit off of frontage road. Immediately recognized the flight style, shape, and size as a small tern. Pulled over for 20 minutes to get photos and digiscoped video (from which I've taken a couple still images from).
    Dark on head that dips slightly below and behind eye, extending over a roundish head to top of neck. White forehead. When landed noted slight carpal bar, pinkish-red legs, small black bill, short legs.
    Bird went between flying over water to perched on roadside guard to landing in water. Had multiple views of all angles of this bird. Primaries seemed too light for a Common Tern, as well as having light secondaries. Carpal bar not as obvious.
    Outer primaries had a small hint of dark at tips. The overall lightness above was striking in flight.

    Age & Sex:
    Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
    Sex Unknown 1
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