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807 East Walnut Street, Columbia, Missouri, US (38.953, -92.328)

Owner Joanna Reuter

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Columbia Audubon Society field trip ("Hawk Watch Happy Hour") at open-air rooftop bar on the 6th floor with views to the north, west, and south

had a few scopes and a lot of binoculars and eyes scanning the sky

temp in the low 70s, some clouds, lovely weather for happy hour; wind direction from the south not as ideal for the hawk watch part

no luck on BWHAs, but a nice evening

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  1. Number observed: 4
  2. Number observed: 2
  3. Number observed: 20
  4. Number observed: 65

    Details: one kettle to the south with count of at least 20; also, a kettle to the northwest that appeared to increase in numbers over half an hour or so with peak count of around 45 around approx 5:30pm; plus other scattered vultures

  5. diurnal raptor sp.

    Number observed: 10

    Details: saw a couple of distant raptors soaring to the northeast, probably hawks, definitely not vultures; later saw a group of very distant raptors to the northeast visible as specks through scope, ID and count uncertain

  6. Number observed: 2
  7. Number observed: 100