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Partly cloudy, light winds, 70sF. Searching for an Ovenbird found earlier by John Callender.

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    Comments: Found earlier in the morning by John Callendar. I refound it at about 11:30 in the lower branches (1-2 ft above the ground) of woody plants at the northwest corner of Ortega Ranch Lane and Ortega Ranch Road. It then dropped to the ground, and I watched it from a distance as it walked around on the ground, in leaf litter and fallen pine needles. I got good, unobstructed views, mostly from a distance of 40 feet or more. The bird was somewhat flighty and obviously aware of me. So I mostly kept a distance and tried to get looks through the vegetation. It was a smallish warbler with a medium-length tail that probably looked shorter because of the long white under tail coverts. The upper parts were mostly a dull olive, except for the head (and possibly the tail, which I think was olive or brownish). The bird was white below with thick, contrasting black streaking on the breast and sides. The bird had a bold white eye ring, a black lateral throat stripe, a yellowish or light brown moustachial stripe, black lateral crown stripes, and a dull chestnut central crown stripe. The bird walked constantly when on the ground, all the time with its tail cocked high. My poor photos show that the legs were pink.

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