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Owner Chris Floyd

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With about 20-30 other birders enjoying Common Ringed Plover around 1230 high tide


  1. Number observed: 12
  2. Number observed: 1

    Comments: Continuing adult, well-documented on 9/13 by Suzanne Sullivan: prominent white eyeline with posterior upturn; prominent black line from bill dipping well under eye; abrupt angle between bill and head above bill; no discernable orbital; breast band very wide laterally (depending on posture) divided narrowly by central white from below.

  3. Number observed: 200

    Comments: est

  4. Number observed: 10

    Comments: est

  5. Number observed: 4

    Comments: juvs

  6. Number observed: 4

    Comments: juvs

  7. Number observed: 150

    Comments: mostly juvs

  8. Number observed: 2

    Comments: juveniles with prominent rusty-edged scapulars

  9. Number observed: X
  10. Number observed: X
  11. Number observed: X
  12. Number observed: 1

    Comments: adult: note black cap

    Age & Sex:
    Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
    Sex Unknown 1
  13. Number observed: 1
  14. Number observed: X
  15. Number observed: 1

    Comments: immature first making pass at 1310, scattering roosting shorebirds, which mostly returned after less than five minutes; returning with prey around 1400, completely scattering all birds to feeding areas

  16. Number observed: 25

    Comments: est - birds feeding in upper beach mud flat

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