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2–98 25th St, Newbury US-MA (42.8048,-70.8074)

Owner Nick Tepper

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Hazy, 60F, 6mph NE. Notes on this trip soon, it’s dark and I’m so far from my car.

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    Comments: Ridiculous. Was looking at Royal Tern when it flushed N and all of a sudden another large tern switched into the scope view and landed in the same spot as the Royal had been. Chunky tern, huge black bill, less of an eye mask than a FOTE, and short tail. Photos.

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    Comments: Scoped from first lot of Parker River as a large tern with maybe an orange bill. Ran down the beach to confirm before dark. Receding hair line, huge orange bill, continuing from yesterday. Photos.

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    Comments: Flyover calling, 3rd weirdest bird here.

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