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ME WTVL KMD at Washington St

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    Comments: Aha, a good observation of fish crow in town - finally good vocalizations along with visuals (but no images / no audio recordings (we really ought to carry a camera more often)). this small crow was perched in the canopy of the only deciduous tree along the W verge of Washington St (probably a box elder (?)) at the entrance to the local hamburger shop drive-up window. vocalizations perfect grunting fish crow calls repeated as long as we approached on foot, watched, and walked away.

    this crow had a slender bill with a slight convex arch and perhaps a bit of a curved projection at the tip as noted in the comparison of fish and American crows at < >. while calling this crow fluffed the feathers at the throat also as noted in the description at < > unlike the smoother throat feathers of calling American crows.

    we will try for a repeat observation of this crow as it may be a regular attendant here attracted to bits of French fries and other delicious novelties dropped or discarded by hungry humans.

    EDITED 11OCT 2019: we only returned to this site once on 25 SEP 2019. that day no crows nor any other birds present. And that tree? it is a white ash.