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Owner Mike Hearell


Protocol:  Stationary
  • Observers:  1

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    Juvie pictured had fledged sometime the previous night, between 11:35pm and 3:45am. After roosting within 10’ of it’s cavity tree all day, it moved almost 30 yards in 25 minutes immediately after dark. This is where it climbed to approximately 9’ above ground level in a young Rocky Mountain Maple. It continued to call and I observed an adult feeding it a sphinx moth. The juvie in the cavity had not fledged by the time of my departure (this juvie will eventually fledge 2 nights later), but was still being fed by one of the adults. Most of the meals observed tonight were White-lined Sphinx Moths, but also saw a couple caterpillars and one katydid type insect.

    Breeding & Behavior Code:

    NY Nest with Young (Confirmed)

    Age & Sex:

    Age Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
    Male 1
    Female 1
    Sex Unknown 2


  7. Number observed:  2
  8. Number observed:  4
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