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With Mark Holmgren. We parked near the skateboard park at the base of Garden St., then walked slightly west to the berm where we could overlook the lagoon of the outfall. Great view from here of the eastern, more vegetated part of area. Then to get photos of Black Tern, we moved further west along the berm & could tally the birds on the south shore of the lagoon. High numbers of large waders here, great place to go birding now that fall is here for shorebirds.


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    Details: As Mark and I were scanning the birds here, I looked through the scope and spotted what I thought might be a Black Tern. Mark agreed. We watched the bird for a long time perched, took multiple photos, but they're distant. A small tern with dark gray wings above and below, white forehead, dark cap and nape, but white patch coming up on side of neck, then dark vertical patch reaches down. Separates white hindneck from underwing in flight. Not sure if bird is a juvenile or an adult coming into non-breeding plumage. Several other birders there saw it, got photos.

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