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    Details: Family of 6 (4 still-black long-legged chicks) and one more adult in another location. As I stood quietly on the trail by the pond I could hear the family approaching in the vegetation. The first one in the group, an adult, came within a few inches of my boot before it realized there was a human present. Then it squawked and rushed across the trail to cattails and marsh on the other side. It was followed by two chicks and a second adult and a third chick. Finally a fourth chick crossed the trail quite a long way from the rest of the family. I had left my camera in the car and just had recording equipment. Afterwards I went back to the car and got the camera, but the rails stayed out of sight after that.

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    Details: Chased by a Black-capped Chickadee as well as Red-winged Blackbird. Looks like the chickadee was almost riding on the hawk in the photo. Brave little bird!

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    Details: Initially thought these were Least, but after examining audio, realized they were making Acadian calls (not the explosive "song"). There were two birds flitting together in the lower branches of a tree near the pond, and sometimes flying into the weeds to snag insects.

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    Details: see photo of Red-tailed Hawk

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