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    Comments: Seen soaring over a hill southeast of the eastern end of the campground. We could clearly see the white tail bands, black and white pattern on the undersides of the wings with narrow barring; a head with feathers (vs. naked for a turkey vulture), the light colored proximal part of the beak, and the yellow cere. Dihedral, rocking flight pattern. Black body and upper wings. After looping around several times, the bird rapidly dropped to the ground and then promptly lifted off with a lizard in its talons. We then watched the hawk fly to a snag about 1/2 down the hill, perch, and eat the lizard in small chunks. From there we could also see the yellow legs and feet clearly in addition to the other field marks. After consuming the lizard the hawk remained on the snag for a few minutes before taking flight again. Truly an amazing experience! Photos.

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    Comments: Seen chasing the raven

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    Comments: Heard in the trees but not seen.

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    Comments: Heard singing

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