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Sycamore Grove Park

Owner Tommy Hekl

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  1. Number observed: 1

    Details: Roosting in the palm tree near the road, also look for the pellets.

  2. Number observed: 1

    Details: Continuing bird, first spotted on April 5th by Dean LaTray. Was bouncing around quite energetically in the area where the two picnic tables are, occasionally flying into bushes and into trees in mid-level near the stream. Was definitely a Tanager. Overall color of the bird was bluish-gray, hence the name. Most blue on the wings. Had two white wing bars, (but one of them was more of a shoulder patch) IDing it as a White-edged ssp. Heard it calling high pitched song and chirp when flying. In the picnic area, however, was in the mid-canopy and surprisingly close the ground. Seen many times, and wasn't really afraid. When over the stream, appeared to be fly catching a bit. Tip: Look for the bird at 9:30. Sometimes was around in some bushes near the water fountain, where some other reports were from. My dad got some photos. This is I believe a Code 5 because it is an accidental. The other birder that saw it said that is was probably an escape. This should be a confirmed sighting because it has been continuing for about 1 month now. Thanks to Dean LaTray for finding this bird. Also, when looking for this bird, watch for a flash of blue.

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