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51F, clouds, 5mph E wind, just before rain. Sunset 7:24pm.
Other: beaver (1) in Beaverdam Brook tail slapped us, pickerrel frog (1+), peeper (5+), bats (3).
Railbed by Beaverdam Brook.
Please note that while this checklist represents only the birds seen or heard from this location/party, there was also a separate group over on Partridge island (Linda Ireland and Phil Brown) that we were collaborating with to provide more complete coverage of the Rusty Blackbird roost staging behavior. Here is an associated checklist

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    Comments: Kiddick's many times from similar area - medium distance into marsh to the south of railbed; Some poor audio included for documentation.

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    Comments: Continuing. Heard onk-a-chonk singing multiple times, to northwest of railbed; included some (poor-quality) audio files for documentation.

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  10. woodpecker sp.

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    Comments: Continuing; identified majority with scope and singing.

    Total confirmed RUBL count tonight was ~380 when combining our counts with those of Linda and Phil 100 yards away at Partridge Island. However, given eBird guidelines of not combining multi-site checklist counts, we are confirming only the RUBL that we were able to see from the railbed.

    253 RUBL flying from Partridge Island trees to roost, all within 2 minutes (including 230-240 we watched for 30+ minutes staging in the Partridge trees). Linda and Phil confirmed these blackbirds were RUBL. We counted 253 flying away from Partridge at sunset to roost. Characteristic tight groups flying on direct line, correct shapes, and confirmed RUBL by Linda and Phil. (7:20 four RUBL groups flew out, 120 total, to Elizabeth Way from Partridge, 7:21 seven RUBL groups, 133 total, fly to Elizabeth Way from Partridge. Most groups were 20-30 birds each).
    25 RUBL flying over Ford Ave, over us, and then out toward Self Storage building, singing. None of these birds passed through Partridge Island, so they are additive to the 253 above.
    5 RUBL in the trees on railbed, near us, singing, seen clearly thru bins, camera, and scope. Pics from this close early group at 6:28pm. None of these birds passed through Partridge Island.
    40 RUBL staging for a while in the trees on Ford Ave, singing, and identified with scope. Could be a conservative number. None of these birds passed through Partridge Island.

    The other team members' checklist tonight is:

    More detailed notes of observations:
    6:33pm - 30 blackbird species ('blackbirds') flyover toward Elizabeth Way.
    6:38 - 26 blackbirds flyover toward golf course.
    6:38 - 200 blackbirds are staging on Partridge Island trees.
    6:47 - 25 RUBL fly from Ford Ave, right over us, and toward self storage facility, singing.
    6:48 - 30 blackbirds fly to E. Way from Ford Ave.
    6:50 - 19 blackbirds fly to E. Way from Ford Ave.
    6:52 - 80 blackbirds are staging at Ford Ave. trees, at least 40 are RUBL per scope views and singing (40 may be conservative, very flew Grackles, Rwbl mixed in).
    6:58 - 12 blackbirds fly to E. Way.
    7:02 - at least 230 blackbirds staging on eastern edge of Partridge Island trees by this time (the only side we could see). Linda and Phil confirmed Rusty (see Phil's report from tonight).
    7:07 - 7 blackbirds fly to eastern edge past golf course.
    7:15 - only 10 blackbirds staging on rail bed island trees. Not many stopped here tonight.
    7:20 - 4 groups, 120 total blackbirds, fly to E. Way from Partridge, in addition to the 100+ blackbirds already in the E. Way trees.
    7:21 - 7 groups, 133 total blackbirds, fly to E. Way from Partridge (most groups were 20-30 birds each).
    Highly probable the last two groups were Rusties flying from Partridge to roost. Phil confirmed 300+ Rusty on Partridge Islands and the islands were bare after these groups flew out.

  15. Number observed: 32
  16. blackbird sp.

    Number observed: 134

    Comments: Various flights of unidentified blackbirds, including Grackles and Red-winged Blackbirds. Between 6:28 and 7:15pm.

Additional species seen by Andy Sanford:
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