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Sighted by Sheik Hussai from Kadayanallur - Reported by Vinoba on behalf of the observer


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    Details: The Bird was seen in a small farmland at Kadayanallur (Not a wind blown individual , no cyclones around that time)- it was rescued by Sheik Hussain & identified by Dipu K & Praveen J , the bird was very dehydrated & exhausted, we gave some water for it to drink & was put in a box overnight , the condition of the bird did not improve, We tried to shift it to Tuticorin by car & treat with known Vet's here & upon recovery planned to release at the Tuty coast. Unfortunately the bird died on May 23rd on its way to Tuticorin, This bird was later handed over for preservation to Dr,P O Nameer from Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) , Thrissur, Kerala, India , Museum Tag : KAUNHM201676

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