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24 deg F, clear and sunny, strong wind from NW, snow cover on gravel roads and field about 2 inches. we stood behind the dense patches of red cedars to keep the camera and scopes steady. Wind chill still in single digits near the water. The snow geese flotilla was amazing. It was about two miles of geese down the center of the lake south and a second flotilla perpendicular and separate at the south end from Mac's cove to the east side of the lake about at the level of the boat ramp. After several attempts to calculate the number of individuals it is clearly more than 1,000,000 but hard to tell if it reaches 1.5 M.

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  1. Number observed: 1100000

    Details: We have calculated the number of individual Snow Geese in two separate flotillas at 1.1 million birds combined. We used images and area of Snow Goose flock from SkySat satellite images. We used 3 snow geese per meter squared as the roost density. The average number of 3 birds per meter squared was corroborated by Van Remsen of LSU, We use the two flock areas from SkySat images from two satellite passes over Thomas HIll Reservoir on March 5, 2019 of 189,730 m sq and 174,630 m sq. The were clouds covering the area on March 6 when we observed two huge, one-mile long flocks in Randolph Co. Using the smaller flock resulted in 1,004,760 individuals and the larger flock resulted in 1, 138,380 individuals. We are using 1.100,000 as our estimated total for the snow geese on Thomas Hill Reservoir on March 6, 2019..

  2. Number observed: 8
  3. Number observed: 800
  4. Number observed: 300
  5. Number observed: 40
  6. Number observed: 411
  7. Number observed: 20
  8. Number observed: 25
  9. Number observed: 40
  10. Number observed: 4
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  1. Number observed: 25
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