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Feeders in yard, Alberta, Virginia, US (36.864, -77.896)

Owner Patti Gahagan

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  1. Number observed: 1

    Details: Displaced the Carolina wren from the suet feeder. Got a pic.

  2. Number observed: 3

    Details: On the ground in the back yard.

  3. Number observed: 4

    Details: Taking turns at both tube and platform feeder.

  4. Number observed: 2

    Details: One in the brush pile. Another on the suet feeder.

  5. Number observed: 4

    Details: I think these are two female purple finches. Happy to revise if I am wrong. A few minutes later a male landed. I see house finches here occasionally but have never seen a purple finches until today. Pretty sure this is a male purple finch. Oh, another landed on an adjacent feeder. Will add pictures. Again happy to revise if I am wrong.

  6. Number observed: 6

    Details: I was gone for three days and both nyger feeders were empty when I got home. Goldfinches were all over the place and scattered when I turned into the driveway. Filled all feeders. Have only seen five since starting this check list. Might take some time for them to feel comfortable enough to go back to the feeders after the disturbance. Glad they are back. I have missed them the last couple of months, only seeing an occasional one. Total seen six. Mostly on the nyger feeders but two spent some time on sunflower seed feeder too.

  7. Number observed: 5

    Details: In the brush pile.

  8. Number observed: 1

    Details: In the brush pile.

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