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Brooks Island and Harbor Jetty

Owner Judith Dunham

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Clear, slight breeze, low tide. By boat to Brooks Island and jetty to view herring spawn activity. Slowly motored from south end of Brooks to northern tip of jetty.


  1. Number observed: 17
  2. Number observed: 5
  3. Number observed: 900
  4. Greater/Lesser Scaup

    Number observed: 250

    Details: Unable to ID all scaup in flocks.

  5. Number observed: 60
  6. Number observed: 1200

    Details: Large number due to herring spawn.

  7. Number observed: 130
  8. Western/Clark's Grebe

    Number observed: 40
  9. Number observed: 90

    Details: All on water picking herring eggs from surface. Large number due to herring spawn.

  10. Number observed: 400

    Details: Large number due to herring spawn.

  11. Number observed: 50
  12. gull sp.

    Number observed: 100

    Details: Likely other species present, but distance prohibited ID.

  13. Number observed: 7500

    Details: Counted in units of 100. Lining shoreline and most of breakwater, with a good number on the wing.

  14. cormorant sp.

    Number observed: 400

    Details: Due to distance unable to pull out non-DCCO from the assembly. In the past, Brandt's and Pelagic have shown up for the feast.

  15. Number observed: 1

    Details: Lone individual on breakwater.

  16. Number observed: 13

    Details: Circling over top of Brooks Island.

  17. Number observed: 1

    Details: On marker south of Brooks Island. Took off with fish just after photo taken.

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