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Audrain Co Rd 116 & Hwy 151

Owner Jean Leonatti

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Field contained flattened corn stubble. Lake was open water. Swans were using both lake and field habitats. Sky was clear and daylight was fading, especially during the last minutes of observation. Large numbers are estimations.


  1. Number observed: 160
  2. Number observed: 320
  3. Number observed: 40
  4. Trumpeter/Tundra Swan

    Number observed: 205

    Details: Photo to be added later. Swans were in a field of flattened corn stubble that abutted a large lake. They were also swimming on the lake. There are numerous agricultural fields, many owned by Mennonite farmers who may not get the fields as completely cleaned of corn since they are still using horse drawn equipment, in this part of the state. They were large white birds with black wings tips and black bills. They had long necks that were extended, especially during flight. They dwarfed the Canada Geese that were close by. They "trumpeted" frequently when we stopped the car to observe them and while they were in flight after being disturbed by the BAEAs flying over. The general area between Columbia and Moberly has been know to host large groups of swans over the past several winters. This location falls within that area.

    Age & Sex:
    Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
    Sex Unknown 43 162
  5. Number observed: 16
  6. Number observed: 2
  7. Number observed: 3
  8. Number observed: 9
  9. Number observed: 3
  10. Number observed: 140
  11. Number observed: 250
  12. blackbird sp.

    Number observed: 9999999

    Details: This was a "river of blackbirds" that contained millions of birds. The river flowed broadly and continuously for over 20 minutes. We described it as looking like a black cloud of smoke being carried out of a smokestack ... only it wasn't smoke. It was all birds. While directly overhead of us we were able to determine the RWBL and COGR that are counted separately in this checklist. But this was such a tiny portion of the entire wavy line of birds that just went on and on. Any attempt to count the number of blackbirds present is truly a guess.

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