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    Details: Hanging around tree top at a great distance

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    Details: Snack time !

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    Details: Spent about 2 hours at Black rock Sanctuary in overcast but mild (55 degrees) weather. I was on the second loop around when I came up to the meadow area which abuts the car park, when at about 100 feet away I heard calling and viewed what appeared as a 6-7 inch flycatcher or phoebe. It was staying in the low trees ( appx 4 feet off the ground) on perch and then dipping down, hovering about 2 feet off of the ground for 5-10 seconds at a time , looking for insects. I observed the behavior for over 20 minutes until the bird flew off to the first adjoining private property . Fortunately I was able to get some wonderful photographs before he/she flew off!

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