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Pennsburg, PA

Owner Paul Heveran

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Cloudy. Indoor watching.

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    Details: Rare, but maybe annual in the state. No prior eBird records for Montgomery County, but I'm assuming there may be historical records (?). A new junco subspecies for me!

    First spotted on the ground under feeders with other juncos. I immediately knew what it was when I saw it. This bird was the same size and shape as the surrounding juncos. Its dark gray "hood" contrasted sharply with its white belly and orange-buff flanks. Its back and wings were a similar color to the flanks, but a bit darker. The bird had some brown on the crown which led down onto the back and wings. Based on the fact that its hood was gray and not black, and that the crown showed a good amount of brown, I think this was an immature, possibly a 1st-winter female. It was easily picked out without binoculars at a range of 50 feet or so. At one point it came in to the patio where I got excellent looks at about 15 feet away!

    UPDATE: The bird only stayed for about 15 minutes and has not been seen since.

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