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Owner Tim Healy

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Whole community twitch to chase a reported rarity

Submitted from eBird for iOS, version 1.8.4


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    Details: A big surprise that triggered a large scale twitch! Dozens of birders converged to watch this bird cooperatively foraging in the median. Superficially similar to a bluebird or some other thrush. Brownish gray upperparts, paler underneath, with blackish wings. Warm blush of buffy coloration strongest on the breast and around the face. Dark, mask-like pattern around the eye highlighted by a pale supercilium. White tail with a bold, black “T” shape at the end, fanned and flashed repeatedly as the bird balanced on spindly perches in the wind. Long black legs. Rather accommodating, flew up conspicuously as it moved between stakes, signs, traffic cones, and small trees. Caught several morsels during the observation period, including a juicy-looking, long-bodied, caterpillar-like critter

  11. Number observed: 2
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    Details: Heard only

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