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Veazie St. at spillway

Owner Kyle Lima

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Sitting at the spillway for sunset. Not much diversity, but the birds were of high quality.

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  1. Number observed: 2

    Details: Two birds forging together. One approaching only a meter away before realizing that I was there.

  2. Number observed: 1

    Details: *Rare | Spizella sparrow with pale supercilium, brown auriculars and cap, dark malar stripe, and stark white malar. Large pale gray nape. Pale, pinkish bill. Sandy brown above with dark brown streaking on mantle; two pale wingbars. Very pale gray/buff below. Extremely low quality digibinned photos were taken.

    This CCSP spent around 30 minutes foraging on the seeds of Poaceae spp. and probably other taxa. Foraging was exclusively on rocky outcrops on the edge of the river.

  3. Number observed: 9
  4. Number observed: 6