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Fog, limited visibility, temperature about 60°. I never left the gardens. I cut short my visit because of the presence of the Cooper's Hawk. The small birds were in hiding.

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    Details: I was wondering why it was so quiet in the gardens, then I saw this bird in the last garden row. Juvenile. I forget how big these birds are (maybe a female). It was all business. Not concerned by my presence at all, although I was moving around very slowly. It changed position once, very low short flight. I cut my trip short because this bird definitely had sent everything else into hiding. When I was at my car, four passerines flew by swiftly, calling, with the hawk in close pursuit. It did not catch one. Very interesting to observe this bird at close quarters.

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  5. Number observed: 1

    Details: Scolding constantly. In the front of the gardens, away from the Cooper's Hawk, but maybe agitated by it.

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  10. sparrow sp.

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  12. passerine sp.

    Number observed: 4

    Details: Image of them fleeing for their lives from the Cooper's Hawk.

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