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American Falls Reservoir, Pocatello US-ID (42.8021,-112.8621)

Owner Austin Young

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  1. Number observed: 12
  2. Western/Clark's Grebe

    Number observed: 210

    Details: Too far out to identify to species

  3. Number observed: 18
  4. Number observed: 2

    Details: Two dark morph adults seen well for 10-15 minutes. Very similar in size to Ring-billed and California Gulls they were harassing. Distinctly falcon-like in flight, as opposed to somewhat tern-like flight in LTJA and powerful and bulky flight as in POJA. Very twisty and agile flight when harassing gulls.
    Conspicuous single white patch on underside of primaries. Medium-length wedge-shaped tail.
    They were observed resting on the water and harassing gulls together as a pair most of the time. Then one flew west towards the dam out of sight and the other one followed behind very shortly thereafter.

    Here is a link to a poor video of one of the birds:

  5. Number observed: 87
  6. Number observed: 50
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