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Muddy Creek Road at Shipps Cabin Road

Owner Ruth Bielawski

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    Details: Brownish overall, especially when viewed face-on and chest was visible. Daintier bill and smaller head overall than similar Black-bellied Plover, with significantly more vivid supercilium; more upright posture, goldish flecks still visible on back. Extensively photographed from vehicle from 5:33-5:45 PM. Initially picked up around 5:30 behind a foraging group of Semipalmated Plovers in the field south of Shipps Cabin Road (viewed from the vehicle only on Muddy Creek Road). Watched for 15 or so minutes as it moved at first much closer, then more distant, before it eventually vocalized several times and flew over the road then west/southwest across the field west of Muddy Creek Road. Possibly still nearby as the winds were only about 15 mph at the time, but will steadily rise over the next 24 hours.

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    Details: Large collection at 90 degree bend of Muddy Creek and Nanney's Creek roads; massive flock flew south and landed in distant trees adjacent to Nanney's Creek actual. Quick scan in flight didn't yield any yellow heads.

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