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22 Family Pl, Horseshoe Bend US-ID (43.9545,-116.1461)

Owner Jonathan Barnett

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    Details: Noticed a different-looking vireo in my crabapple tree through my binocs, so zoomed in on it with my camera and was able to get a few shots before it flitted away. Sorry they aren't better. It had a 'stubbier' look and smaller bill, than a Red-eyed Vireo, the 'lines' weren't as sharp, no wingbars, however the eye line was definitely dark, and extended in front of the eye; also, the slate-gray crown sharply contrasted with the greenish back, yellow on chest and flanks/vent, the blackish edging on the wings, and the unique look of the curved/crescent 'white' above and below eye, rather than a straighter line -- all matched perfectly to Sibley's page 340 (c 2000) where the vireos are compared. I also compared photos in the iBird Plus app and Internet images. This is the same garden area I had a Palm Warbler show up last Fall. My new rare migrant magnet! Again, sorry the photos aren't better, but hopefully my field mark descriptions are more helpful.

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