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  1. Number observed: 2

    Details: Two flew by the boat in a northeasterly direction as we were coming off the eastern edge of Cortes Bank (32.442639, -118.977706).

  2. Number observed: 4
  3. Number observed: 2
  4. Red-necked/Red Phalarope

    Number observed: 15
  5. Number observed: 1

    Details: An adult without its fancy central tail feathers.

  6. Number observed: 15
  7. Number observed: 1

    Details: We encountered one at 1230 sitting on the water along the northeastern edge of Cortes Bank (32.484550, -119.067647), and were able to track it down twice over the next 10 minutes after flushing it.

  8. Number observed: 4
  9. Number observed: 5

    Details: Five birds with extensively white rumps.

  10. Number observed: 15

    Details: Scattered individuals, with a small flock foraging over the oil slick with Black Storm-Petrels.

  11. Number observed: 1

    Details: One photographed at the northeast edge of Cortes Bank (32.513992, -119.100022). A black storm-petrel with a clean white rump and short tail.

  12. Number observed: 7

    Details: About six in a small group feeding over an oil slick, plus one seen separately.

  13. Number observed: 4

    Details: We encountered four scattered individuals as we traveled southeast along the northeastern edge of Cortes Bank. These were relatively small birds, with clean white under parts, grayish upper parts with darker wings, a gray crown with a white forehead and a blackish smudge around the eye.

  14. Number observed: 15
  15. Number observed: 1
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