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Birding initially with Julie and Conor Scotland. Wim van Dam and Nick Lethaby showed up later. We were all looking for a subadult (2Y) Mississippi Kite found earlier in the day by Jack Rodgers.


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    Details: Julie spotted this from a location about 100 meters north of the tennis courts where you had good views at a portion of the golf course. It was sitting in a sycamore, about 150 meters away from us. Conor and I snapped off some quick photos, then I texted some people that Julie had refound the bird. We had the bird in view for several minutes, but I was too occupied with taking a few photos (which turned out poor) and getting the word out. So I did not get a chance to look at the bird closely and record detailed observations. After several minutes, the bird flew when I was looking down at my phone. Conor watched it go behind some trees and disappear. It clearly stayed nearby, but we never found it again that evening. I saw a bird perched about 40 feet high in a California sycamore, facing left. The head was on the large size for the bird's size. It was mostly white, but with some dark around the eyes. The underside of the body was a pale gray that contrasted with the white head. The upper parts were medium gray and contrasted with the white head. The tail looked dark to me, although my own photos show it was banded, with alternate blackish and whitish bands. The flight feathers appeared all dark. My aging of the bird as a 2Y is based more on the photos (including mine showing bands in the tail) than on my observations in the field.

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