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    Comments: This bird called incessantly for, perhaps, 30 minutes.

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    Comments: Recognize this bird does not normally inhabit an AZ canyon at this altitude, but it was unmistakably a PYNU. Foraged on the bottom-sides of limbs and top to bottom on trunk. Off and on full-sun views for minutes.

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    Comments: Heard only

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    Comments: Two observers. We recognize this one is strange. While hiking down the canyon with the sun at our backs and the gully to our left, we were attuned to EVERY bird on the fly due to our focus on finding Rufous-capped Warbler. A robin-sized bird flew fast and low in the gully and stopped briefly to eat some small flowers. We both had good looks with excellent back lighting. Dark head and thick black eye-line bordered on top and bottom by orange/rusty color. Rusty throat. Dark back. Not a robin.

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    Comments: We ran into another birder at the parking lot who had just seen the bird at the very end of the trail, 1.8 miles up the canyon. So we made the hike all the way to the top. No luck. As the sun was setting over the ridgeline, we hiked back down and sat at the HotSpot for the stake out. While talking and working on our eBird checklists, the warbler appeared in a bush a few feet away. One lousy photo before it was off.

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