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Fishing Access #3 (SOL Co.)

Owner Holly Coates

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Ditched both work (for the second time today), and my visiting family, for a second shot at the Harris's Sparrow. (And it paid off!)

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    Details: Continuing (first reported this morning on the Yolo side by Emmett Iverson). Seen at 17:50, and again at 18:30 in the extensive cluster of dead branches just southeast of 38.5161,-122.0599 (also in the small adjacent tree in the attached photos). Loosely associating with a flock of GCSP, but they were moving around within 25m east, west, and south of the downed trees, and I strongly suspect that the HASP was on the ground at that spot the whole time I was present. It looked on the verge of crossing into Yolo when I got the pictures, but ended up staying on the Solano side. Possibly vocalizing, but it was difficult to pick out of the GCSP chorus.

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