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Desert Warbler nest!! (40.411, 63.988)

Owner James Kennerley

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Sandy substrate with scattered Artemisia. Also P. helioscopus.

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  1. Number observed: 2

    Details: Heard

  2. Number observed: 2
    Breeding Code: S Singing Bird (Possible)
  3. Number observed: 2

    Details: Superb views of a singing male that was also nest building! Nest was located in the middle of a small Artemesia bush, about 30 cm off the ground. Nest was with good structure and some lining and I was surprised by how deep the cup was (c. 6cm). I observed the male collecting lining material on two occasions but it dropped the material both times. He later brought a long piece of dead grass to the nest which was when I found it.

    Otherwise he was singing, nearly continuously, from the top of Artemisia bushes or foraging around base of small bushes, only rarely moving into the open < 5 occasions, plus two occasions when collecting lining material. Generally fairly mobile around his territory which was approximately 50 m x 50 m.

    Another male heard singing more distantly.

    Breeding Code: NB Nest Building (Confirmed)
  4. Number observed: 1
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