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Thought it would be a good day for early raptor movement and luckily that proved to be the case. Wind nearly due west with variation. I was joined by Brent when I called him about the nice raptor flight.

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  1. Number observed: 33
  2. Number observed: 12
  3. Number observed: 5
  4. Number observed: 22
  5. Number observed: 4
  6. Number observed: 3
  7. Number observed: 7
  8. Number observed: 7
  9. Number observed: 97
  10. Number observed: 2
  11. Number observed: 5
  12. Number observed: 2
  13. Number observed: 6
  14. Accipiter sp.

    Number observed: 1
  15. Number observed: 3

    Comments: *uncommon and a good number for this species; a part of a very nice raptor flight at this location. First bird picked up before BBo joined, at 10:25 am: backlit, compact Buteo over the marsh, recalling Accipiter sp. with longish tail, shortish wings and very choppy wingbeats; identification was clinched when the bird presented itself at such an angle to show the very obvious translucent “windows” in the outer primaries. This bird eventually disappeared to the south/east.

    When BBo joined, we got on a second bird (at 10:57 am) identical in structure as described above except that this bird was viewed well enough to see not only the translucent primary crescents, but the plumage enough to tell it was an adult by the reddish coloration of the underparts. This bird continued to the west and disappeared.

    At 11:38 am, Brent picked up a third RSHA over the golf course, also flying west, we proceeded to follow it westward until we lost it, seeing it well enough to ID it. There is no question to either observer that birds 2 and 3 were separate individuals as they were heading in the same direction, seemingly moving purposefully, and we never saw the second bird double-back. Given the length of time (0.5 hour) between birds 1 and 2 and high numbers of moving raptors seen this morning, it is very likely that all three observations were separate individual birds. County bird for TS and first record for this location.

  16. Number observed: 28

    Comments: Sort of a close-estimate, as we deliberately tried not to double count local or slow soaring birds which may have dipped down under the tree line, etc. Very nice flight of raptors at this location where the large open marsh gives an excellent 180 degree view of the sky. As many as 4 RTHA could be seen in bins at once, and 7+ could be seen with just a quick scan along the tree line. These birds were largely all moving west, as were all raptors, some in pairs and some alone or in small groups. Also a lot of distant RTHA are included in this count which were likely over Fuchs or equivalent, but seen from this vantage.

  17. Number observed: 1
  18. Number observed: 6
  19. Number observed: 1
  20. Number observed: 4

    Comments: 2 pairs, one following the other, west to east over the beach. Vocal.

  21. Number observed: 12
  22. Number observed: 2
  23. Number observed: 2
  24. Number observed: 3
  25. blackbird sp.

    Number observed: 150