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Owner Joshua Uffman

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    Details: Adult carrying a rodent.

  8. Number observed: 4
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  14. Number observed: 41

    Details: I suspect actual numbers in area are much higher, but most of my focus was on the GCSparrow.

  15. Number observed: 21
  16. Number observed: 32

    Details: I suspect actual numbers in area are much higher, but most of my focus was on the GCSparrow.

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    Details: *******5th state record for Missouri********

    Found this guy about 10:25 AM when it popped out to me pishing from my truck. I immediately knew what it was, but at same time I was kind of not believing it, thinking it was just a weird White-crowned. I tried to be patient as I reached for my camera, thinking it would fly away, but it didn't. Instead, it was quite cooperative - Just sitting, facing me directly.

    Appears to be a first-winter bird.
    - Hanging out with numerous White-crowned and A. Tree Sparrows
    - Overall was similar in size to nearby White-crowned Sparrows (immatures and adults).
    - Appeared darker overall than nearby imm. White-crowned.
    - Forehead showed diagnostic yellow patch that bled across brown head stripes. Top of head appeared rather 'unpatterned' at first, but in good light the yellow or "golden" was quite clear.
    - Bill of bird gray (but still a bit two-toned (with paler base), as opposed to pink bill of White-crowneds
    - Distinct white wing bars, less broad than nearby White-crowneds.
    - Pretty sure bird sang a couple of times but cannot say I am familiar with song.
    - Bird was quite cooperative, just sitting perched at top of brush pile.
    - Head overall gray (cheeks) with thin dark eye-line.
    - Breast drab gray/brown - not the cleaner gray of nearby imm. White-crowned.
    - Observed ~10:25 - 10:40, but not consecutively.
    - Sun overhead, but just south of my location, clear skies, good lighting.

    In first brush pile on right (west side) after turning left on CR 181 from CR 130 (CR 181 has no street sign, have to use map), directly south of parking lot 5.

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  20. Number observed: 4
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