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Owner Kate Sutherland

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Final Seabirding pelagic trip of the winter aboard the Stormy Petrel II. Mostly clear day with a few showers late morning, winds were W / SW at about 15 for most of the day. This list is from Hatteras Inlet, out around Diamond Shoals where we found a temperature break east of the shoals. We then headed to the north east, then back to the north west about six miles off of Avon, then crossed the shoals on our way back to the inlet. In addition we also saw at least 4 Humpback Whales, one unidentified large whale, about 75 Bottlenose Dolphins, at least 25 Loggerhead turtles, one small unidentified sea turtle, and at least 6 hammerhead sharks.


  1. Number observed: 138

    Details: This is a careful count, and likely low. There were many Red Phalaropes feeding along the temperature change east of the shoals, and we had some flocks fly by after we were with the feeding concentration.

  2. Number observed: 2

    Details: While one bird flew off ahead of us, another was spotted on the horizon. While I did not see the two at once, some aboard did. All of the photos I have are of the same individual, so this bird made at least two close passes!

  3. Number observed: 710

    Details: Again a careful count, and likely low. While we had some Razorbills flying, many were feeding in areas of Bonaparte's Gulls. We were paying a lot of attention to the Razorbills as we searched for murres!

  4. Number observed: 1

    Details: Medium sized alcid flushed from the water just seven miles from Hatteras Inlet, brownish upperparts, while underparts, dark face, rotund appearance - looked just like the puffins we saw on Monday 2/19

  5. Number observed: 1750

    Details: Careful count and then estimation of total

  6. Number observed: 3

    Details: We had three adults over the course of the day. It is not likely that any of these were repeated individuals.

  7. Number observed: 360

    Details: Estimate

  8. Number observed: 60

    Details: Estimate

  9. Number observed: 1

    Details: Came in to the gull flock as we neared Hatteras Village from offshore, second winter bird. Photos

  10. Number observed: 30

    Details: Estimate

  11. Number observed: 5
  12. Number observed: 5
  13. Number observed: 36
  14. Number observed: 18

    Details: This is a careful count, there were Manx Shearwaters south of the cape in the morning, many were feeding in with flocks of Bonaparte's Gulls. It is possible this count is low.

  15. Number observed: 70
  16. Number observed: 6
Additional species seen by Ashley Merritt:
  1. Number observed: 1
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