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  11. passerine sp.

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    Details: The only bird I've ever seen well, for an extended period and not been able to conclusively identify. Still haunts me to this day. Ostensibly similar to a Black Redstart in behaviour and 'jizz' but with a definitely wholly black tail. Slight brown tinge to the upper mantle and slight glossy sheen to the to the wings. The only thing I have found which appear to fit would be a female White-fronted Black-chat (a sub-Saharan intra-African migrant). However, given the scale of this claim, and that the species has no established pattern of vagrancy, I thought it prudent to just leave this up for background information. Weather systems at the time were very conducive for the arrival of sub-Saharan migrants. Subsequent chats with Andy Paterson (based near Malaga) reveal he has apparently seen two such 'all black Black Redstarts' over the years.

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