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    Details: Brambling (Fringilla Montifringilla) -

    The site of the observation is an area behind our house around a small collection of Scouler willow (Salix scouleriana) and Paper birch (Betula paperifera) approximately 20'-30' from a bedroom window. I have occasionally been spreading a commercial wild bird seed mixture (which included a portion of cracked corn) this winter for about 3 months. Ground cover consists of leaf litter from the trees, short patchy lawn grass, bare ground, twigs and organic detritus.

    On the occasion of the sighting, I was attracted to watching the group of aforementioned redpoll's hopping and feeding in the vicinity of the feeding site. I noticed an individual somewhat larger in silhouette than the redpoll's which maintained a bit more solitary behavior. The bird appeared comfortably engaged with the small flock of redpoll's, exhibiting no apparent adverse, aggressive or disturbance related behavior. The bird returned to the ground hopping and feeding around the stumps and littered area, clearly consuming the bird mix of seeds and other items.

    The bird did not interact with the redpoll's directly as I observed, but also did not avoid them when they came closer to it. Around the 20 minute mark the redpoll's began filtering to the lower branches of the willow a bit more en masse, then suddenly began streaming 2-3 at a time from the site. The subject bird still on the ground with head up now, not feeding, flushed up with the last few redpoll's and departed area.

  2. Number observed: X
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