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Mistle Thrush stakeout!


  1. Number observed: 8
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    Details: Continuing, first record for North America. Large Turdus thrush, slightly bigger and heavier than AMRO. Brown above, buffy-white below. Flight feathers and coverts with pale edges (unlike in SOTH). Spotted below: large, round black spots on flanks and belly, with more arrow-shaped marks on breast. Smudge on sides of breast. Undertail coverts with dark centers. Under wings white (not buffy-red as in SOTH). Corners of upper tail with white spots, as in AMRO. Large, black eye with pale eye-ring. Large pale area in lores. Back of ear-coverts pale, with pale vertical stripe through ear coverts. Slightly hooked bill, with dark upper mandible, and orange base to lower mandible. Malar stripe. Orange-flesh colored legs. Silent. Spent entire time in Mountain Ash with occasionally eating berries. Solitary.

  10. Number observed: 1
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