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Owner Gary Nunn


Protocol:  Traveling
  • Observers:  1
  • Distance:  0.1 mi

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  1. Number observed:  1


    Presumably same bird seen exiting the area yesterday in late afternoon. When I arrived at 6:30am I found the Mountain Plover standing exactly where the black border collie had flushed it from yesterday.

    Appears to be a well marked hatch year individual with scaly darkish upperparts tipped with generous rufous, buffy suffused chest with darker dotting about the chest sides, color coming into upper chest sides, buffy around the rear supercilium, white tips to primary coverts. Nice peach tones around upperparts, flank sides, faint chest belt.

    Many photos. Upload later when media is back online.

    Age & Sex:

    Age Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
    Sex Unknown 1


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