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Kiwanis Park

Owner Ross Silcock

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mainly took photos of various Canada Geese (photos to follow)


  1. Number observed: 1

    Comments: orange legs suggest juvenile Greater White-fronted, but most likely a Graylag Goose, but that should have pink legs, It is a grayish bird, rather than brown.

  2. Number observed: 75

    Comments: Interesting flock of geese. There were only a few (1-5) that I would call maxima/moffitti, and the remainder were I believe a flock of mostly interior, but with a couple of possible parvipes and intergrades (hybrids?) with hutchinsii. There is a large hybrid zone between interior and hutchinsii along the west side of Hudson Bay, where many of our migratory Canadas (interior) and Cacklers (hutchinsii) come from.
    captions:481: sample photo of part of flock; 551: closest intergrade I could find to hutchinsii, bill looks like interior, shortish neck like hutchinsii, possibly parvipes; 621: intergrade? steeper forehead; 691: interior? 791: size vs Mallard- clearly too large to be hutchinsii; 921: interior? 981: typical interior?

  3. Number observed: 24
  4. Number observed: 6

    Comments: over

  5. Number observed: 1
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