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Birding from Styer Road access.

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  1. Number observed: 6
  2. Number observed: 1

    Details: Continuing. Medium-sized Calidrus type shorebird gray above and white below with medium sized decurved bill wider at base than the tip. Legs black. Western Sandpiper eliminated by size of bird and size and shape of bill. Stilt Sandpiper eliminated by lack of upright long-legged appearance and shape of bill. Curlew Sandpiper eliminated by size, length of legs and bill size and shape.

  3. Number observed: 3

    Details: Continuing. Medium-sized shorebird brown above with heavily streaked upper chest with an abrupt cutoff and white belly. Face with white supercilium and dull brown crown. Back with crisp, sharp brown feathers. Bill short with wide base. Legs dark. Juv. Sharp-tailed Sandpiper eliminated by presence of dull brown crown and heavily streaked upper breast as opposed to Sharp-tail’s rusty brown crown and smooth appearing brown upper breast.

  4. Number observed: 3
  5. Number observed: 2
  6. Number observed: 1
  7. Number observed: 1
  8. Number observed: 3
  9. Number observed: 1
  10. Number observed: 1
  11. Number observed: 1
  12. Number observed: 1

    Details: Continuing. Medium-sized blackbird feeding in shallow water and on the mudflat. Overall black with rusty tones to head, back and belly feathers and a bright yellow eye. “Squeaking door” song given frequently as well as a “chuck” type call. Common “Purple” Grackle eliminated by overall size and tail length and lack of purplish color. Common “Bronzed” Grackle eliminated by overall size and tail length and lack of purple head and definitive bronzy back color. Male Brewer’s Blackbird eliminated by lack of overall greenish sheen to plumage.

  13. Number observed: 1
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