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I had planned on birding along the river in Sequoyah Park for 2 hours until I observed a flock of 8 American Avocets in winter plumage flying in constant circles above the river between the eastern most baseball field in Sequoyah Park and Cherokee Farms at the U.T. practice golf course on the other side of the river. After watching them continue to fly for half an hour without resting and trying to take photos of them shooting into the sun, I decided to drive to the Marine Reserve at the south end of Cherokee Farms on the other side of the river. About half an hour later I was photographing them at Cherokee Farms with the sun at my back and contined to do so for over an hour. They never stopped flying and I left them continuing to fly circles in that immediate area. My hunch is that these birds have stopped in this area during migration on another occasion when the water was down and the mud flats were present, and they were trying to figure it all out. But who knows. I am attaching only some of the photos taken from Cherokee Farms in this submission.


  1. Number observed: 50
  2. Number observed: 8

    Comments: These 8 Avocets where in winter plumage as confirmed in the attached photographs.

  3. Number observed: 15
  4. Number observed: 1
  5. Number observed: 1
  6. Number observed: 2
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