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SD Pelagic 24Sep17_7
eBird Pelagic Protocol
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    Details: HY, photos.

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    Details: After an extended amount of time scouring Black Storm-Petrels, Gary Nunn called out a black-and-white booby coasting on the wind in front of a large tanker. I (JTS) began dumping popcorn into the water behind the Grande in hopes of pulling gulls and the booby towards us for identification. A few gulls seemed to peel off towards us, and ultimately the booby, and as it slowly approached, we all began taking photos in hopes of discerning the bill color. Calls of "Masked Booby!" started to go out. Ultimately it passed close enough that "IT'S A NAZCA BOOBY!!!" went out. The slightly concave upper mandible, orange (not yellow-green) bill, and white (at least mostly) central tail feathers clinched the ID. The bird is nearly an adult, with some black feathers remaining on the lower back. Full description and additional photos to submit to the CBRC. This, if accepted, would be the second (or third*) record for San Diego. *The October 2015 record is still in circulation with the CBRC.

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