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Owner David Simpson

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Plucked this sighting from another report in order to give a more specific locale.


  1. Number observed: 2

    Comments: Flew in and landed in pond. White cheek, red at base of bill greenish speculum broadly bordered with buff. Pintail-like shape in flight, smaller than MODU. Lighter brown than MODU. ca. 3/4 size. Tail buffy at base, whte on end. Underside lite brown lightly spotted w large dark spots. breast gray-brown densely spotted w small dark spots. Scapulars and back darker than sides. bill dark blue-gray. Basal third red. white wing linings. One flew west w. flock of MODU into sod fields.Red base of bill confined to sides. Bill somewhat broadened at tip. Lower mandible all dark.

    NOTE: Likely to be escapes. Either way, this sighting was published in Florida Field Naturalist -